Pamela Stephany,

Pfeffersnaps® Owner and Creator

As an avid world traveler, I take great joy in immersing myself in an array of cultures, as well as indulging in the unique flavors that are indicative of each one of them. As an accomplished baker, I’ve incorporated these distinctive flavors into what I call Pfeffersnaps®—a tasty culmination of my travels, which I am proud to share with you.


-Pamela Stephany
Pfeffersnaps® are a tantalizingly spicy gingersnap-based cookie developed by a life-long world traveler bored with predictable sweet and bland western cookies. Six exotic and full-flavored spices from around the globe are infused in every Pfeffersnap – a thrilling warmth caresses your palate. Some say that this is a cookie for grown-ups – best with a cocktail or aperitif after dinner. Others say that families from Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia will find a friendly reminder of tastes from home with Pfeffersnaps®. Others enjoy the revitalizing rush at coffee break time. Savor and enjoy the taste sensation!

Pfeffersnaps’ Professionals

Branding, Design, Marketing: - Christine Madsen
Baker: CACatering.netCA Messana
Intellectual Property Attorney: - Lee Anne LeBlanc
Food Safety & Compliance: - William Gundlach
Risk Management: - Steve Botkin
Photographer: - Michael Zimmerman
Taste Testers: After 10 years, too many to list!